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Lessons from the
Future of Work

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The Covid-19 pandemic has people in the dark about their own social, professional and economic futures. The roadmap to success has never been less clear.

But in these extraordinary times, the booming industry that started with bitcoin has exhibited a special resilience. Ambitious organizations have continued to evolve, collaboration has blossomed across continents, and blockchain keeps marching into mainstream consciousness.

LiveChain brings together founders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from across the emerging tech spectrum to share insights about how they have prepared for the Future of Work.


LiveChain: Lessons from the Future of Work is a dynamic video library. Instead of joining at a specific time for a specific duration, viewers will be able to browse for the speakers, tracks or episodes most relevant to the career and skills they’d like to develop.

Our on-demand series will address some of the most pressing questions about the Future of Work: what skills do we need to thrive in this new reality? How do we acquire them and where do we apply them? How do we make our money work for us? How can our work have a positive impact on our communities and our world?

LiveChain: Lessons from the Future of Work is for everyone looking for guidance, inspiration or an edge. Whether you’re breaking into the wider blockchain industry or just trying to navigate this uncharted territory, browse our library for inspirational, educational stories from the visionaries behind some of our industry’s most exciting projects and organizations.

Episode 1:

Episode 1 is all about how cryptocurrency and the technology behind it can foster greater financial inclusion; how knowledge is power when it comes to personal economics; and how we can set ourselves and our businesses up for success.

 David Wachsman
in conversation with
Isaiah Jackson

Join David Wachsman for an exclusive fireside chat with Isaiah Jackson, author of ‘Bitcoin and Black America’. The pair discuss Isaiah’s personal finance philosophy (“Invest and be patient”), the power of practical education, and the upcoming sequel to his groundbreaking first book.

Konstantin Richter

Konstantin talks about the potential for crypto and blockchain tech to create a more inclusive, equitable financial system. With the world facing unprecedented challenges on a global scale - like climate change - we need a truly global, apolitical economic system to tackle them.

Denelle Dixon
CEO and Executive Director,
Stellar Development Foundation

Denelle takes a look at how decentralized networks can help us build a global financial system fit for a borderless world. She talks about the ways open networks empower people - from access to financial services like instant global remittances, to tools that allow individuals to build creative solutions specific to their geography or community.

Jose Maria Macedo
Delphi Digital 

Jose discusses how coronavirus has amplified many of the structural vulnerabilities in the global financial system - but also accelerated the evolution of the alternative, bottom-up monetary system we’re seeing in the Bitcoin and DeFi bull markets.

Muneeb Ali
Co-Founder and CEO,

Breaking down the factors to consider when seeking finance for your venture can be a somewhat daunting task. In this talk Muneeb discusses the different factors and other aspects which can help make your project more fundable to traditional VCs and HNWI.

Episode 2:

In Episode 2, we focus in on what collaboration and consensus look like in a more decentralized world; and on how curating digital communities can supercharge our careers and our businesses.

Mance Harmon
CEO and Co-Founder,
Hedera Hashgraph

Mance tackles governance frameworks for the post-pandemic world. As the global crisis stimulates disruption, innovation and grand experiments, he looks at how decentralized models and DLT tech can ensure good governance and prevent the concentration of network power.

Nolan Bauerle
Strategist, Artist,
Royalty Tokens

Strategist and former researcher at CoinDesk, Nolan focuses on ‘Strategies for Life in 2020’ with advice on how to get into crypto including what to read and watch, as well as the type of talents that can get you involved in the crypto community.

Anthony Day
Blockchain Partner,

Anthony shares his insights and recommendations on creating high-quality, educational, insightful content, and using social media for personal and professional growth. For more, check out his podcast - “Blockchain won’t save the world”.

Keith Barrett Carter
Center Director,
National University of Singapore Fintech Lab

Keith argues that technology won’t eliminate jobs, but it will demand new skills. He highlights four technologies - APIs, blockchain, AI and Robotic Process Automation - at the heart of the next jobs market revolution.

Dan Doney

Dan walks through the capital raise process for start-ups building for strategic challenges, not rapid user-acquisition. He charts the journey from friends and family rounds through Series A, and the lessons he’s picked up as a first-time CEO.

Episode 3:

In Episode 3, we look at how decentralization is now a fact of life for businesses around the world in every sector. How will that impact our everyday operations, from recruitment, to training, team building and communications?

Ethan Buchman
Informal Systems

Ethan joins us to talk about the somewhat new world of decentralized workforces. With Ethan and his team being a remote first company he can talk to the importance of communication both internally and externally of an organisation, maintaining an established culture, and the long term benefits of this new way of life.

Vanessa Tierney

Since the pandemic, remote working has become an integral part of most organisations functionality. Vanessa talks us through her journey into this space and the key aspects employers and employees alike should be aware of when it comes to hiring and job seeking.

David Orban
Vice President Corporate Development,

The artificial constraints of location for job seekers is becoming a thing of the past. In this talk David discusses the effects the current pandemic has had on our workforces and the opportunities that are now available to us all.

Zenobia Godschalk
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications,
Hedera Hashgraph

Zenobia walks us through the effects that this pandemic has had on business communications for decentralized organisations. New structures are being put in place to ensure communities are kept up to date and can give their feedback in open formats. Reporters have also had changes to their work patterns and priorities. Zenobia walks us through this and some guidelines on how to get the most out of your pitches to the media.

Dr. Corey Petty
Chief Security Officer,

Dr. Corey Petty walks us through the lessons he has learnt building and working in a decentralized organisation. He focuses on how to organise your work patterns, tooling, and how to be productive in the process of distributing your workforce.

Wes Kaplan
Head of Marketing,
Tradewind Markets

The pandemic has affected industries in a vast number of different ways. Wes discusses the impacts it has had on brands, digital marketing, networking, events, and so much more. He will walk us through some strategic pivots organisations can make to strengthen their marketing.

Episode 4:

In Episode 4, we look at some of the ways crypto and blockchain tech are starting to fulfil their early promise; from fostering greater financial inclusion at the micro level; to macro-level revolutions in the way we build and operate businesses in the new economy.

Pradeep Goel
Founder & CEO,

Pradeep discusses how decentralized solutions such as crypto can help people who have been shut out of the economic and social safety systems. He touches on the responsibility that the crypto industry has when it comes to banking the unbanked, now so more than ever.

Marzio Schena
ANote Music

Marzio joins us to talk through the main trends that are having an effect on investments in this new decentralized world. Marzio also touches on the current world of investment and what we need to know in order to participate in these new markets that are opening up.

Ayesha Kiani
Vice President of Business Development,

Ayesha talks us through the challenges and benefits of moving to a decentralized workforce when it comes to both internal and external communications, work-life balance, and so much more. Ayesha touches on the different skills and traits which are now so important to help sustain this new decentralized world attitude.

Taras Kulyk
SVP, Blockchain Business Development,
Core Scientific

Taras talks us through his journey from a traditional corporate finance role into the crypto space and the different skills he acquired along the way. With the crypto mining space maturing into a compliant, fully reviewed, and audited industry the crossover between traditional roles and its own are ever increasing.

Max Kantelia

Max gives us his insights as to what this post-pandemic entrepreneurial experience is going to look like in comparison to any other global crisis we have faced in the past. He talks us through current trends and what actions any hopeful entrepreneur needs to take now to ensure they make the most of their current situations.

Guenther Dobbrauz
Partner & Leader,

Guenther’s talk focuses on identifying, unlocking, and capturing disruptive growth. He looks at the different aspects of innovation in many different industries and how technology is the key driving factor behind it all.

Steve Erebor
Founder & CEO,

Steve discusses the new world of workchains and their importance in the new decentralized world.

Episode 5:

In Episode 5, we’ll look again at how building a better understanding of how money works leaves us better equipped to make our money work for us.

Michael Ou

CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou discusses why all businesses and individuals handling crypto should care about the financial travel rule, regardless of the jurisdiction they are operating in. Extremely passionate about blockchain security and with a vast amount of experience on the topic, Michael answers the most commonly asked questions around the financial travel rule such as what the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) do; what factors you should consider when choosing a travel rule solution and how the user is most affected by the travel rule.

Ani Alexander
Head of Marketing

Ani Alexander, Head of Marketing at AmaZix has more experience at ‘working from home’ and living truly digitally than most. When she was living in Armenia, most of her working life was done online as her career passions and interests were simply not readily available there. As well as looking at how the global pandemic has changed how we approach marketing, Ani discusses what it means to be truly digital and the importance of building a community of genuine relationships and how this leads to collaboration and consensus.

Rob Vigniole
Co-Founder & CEO,

Rob divulges some of the lesson he and co-founders at Horizon learnt from launching a business just before a market crash. The Horizon Labs CEO offers advice when it comes to entering the crypto market, fundraising, how to build a robust business to withstand the inevitable volatility and the resilience required to survive long-term.

Shaun Djie
Co-Founder & COO,

Shaun explores the benefits of operating a blockchain business from Singapore and the community he is a part of - he founding and is still leading one of the biggest meetups in the world; the Ethereum Singapore group which Vitalik himself is known to attend. Shaun discusses the growth of gold as a digital asset class over the past six months and its potential use cases going forward.

Gowthaman (G'man) Ragothaman
CEO, Aqilliz

After 30 years in the corporate marketing world, with WPP and Mindshare, G’man is often asked why he made the leap into the start-up space at the age of 50. For him, it was about ‘making a difference’. But he admits it was a challenge when a global pandemic hit just three months into the launch of his new business Aqilliz. Here G’man discusses the benefits and potential pitfalls of remote working and the path to building a business for a truly digital world.

Episode 6:

In Episode 6, we’re hearing from people who’ve bridged the gap from traditional finance to crypto and blockchain tech. We’ll be looking at how to make sound investment decisions in times of great uncertainty, and how we can turn uncertainty to our advantage.

Heinrich Zetlmayer
Founder & Managing Partner,
Blockchain Valley Ventures

Financing your venture before the covid pandemic was already a challenge. So how should entrepreneurs go about funding their business in the current climate? Remote investing by VC’s is becoming more and more commonplace but how can entrepreneurs get in front of these investors? Heinrich Zetlmayer, founder of Blockchain Valley Ventures, speaks from his vast experience on the importance of building trust for investors in a remote setting.

Dan Gunsberg

‘Trading is a game - now more than ever!’, says Dan Gunsberg, CEO of HXRO. Dan also discusses what good trading looks like during a global pandemic and the different apps and platforms that can simplify the way we interact and engage with the markets now, simplifying what was once a very complex topic - owning and using crypto.

Jay Fraser
Head of Strategic Partnerships,
Boston Security Token Exchange (BSTX)

Jay Frazer, formerly of Deutsche Bank, is now Head of Strategic Partnerships at Boston Security Token Exchange (BSTX) who are seeking to create the very first regulated digital token exchange. Here he discusses how we can look to bridge the gap between the Ubers and AirBnb’s of the world versus the smaller companies when it comes to access to the capital markets. Why is the US behind the likes of Canada and Europe in bringing companies public? Is there a lack of innovation in the US in general and specifically in capital markets?

Nick Cowan
GSX Group

‘Covid has plunged the world into a risk adverse environment’. Nick walks us through the changing landscape of capital raising for organisations in the current global crisis. Nick touches on the core areas that investors focus on when assessing opportunities in the market and how best to present an offering.

John Wu
AVA Labs

John talks to us about his experience in building a future-proof business in the world of decentralization. He highlights the importance of having a clear message and the proverbial marketing funnel when it comes to building a global community, specifically one of developers, to build on a platform.